Rubber Wheel Stopper WTD-WHC007 (Copy)

Wontide Rubber Wheel Stoppers are constructed of reinforced rubber which resists tearing, abrasion, 0-zone weathering etc. Curved surface contoursto fit tires. Different funtional designs are durable in all weather conditions.

Wheel Stoppers are often placed against the front and rear side of the vehicle’s wheels to prevent accidental backward movement but may also be used to block forward movement. They are a supplementary hazard control used in addition to the vehicle’s normal braking system, which may be insufficient to completely halt the movement of large vehicles. The side of the chock that faces the wheel has a convex or similar shape designed to increase the force necessary for the vehicle to run over it.

Rubber Wheel Stoppers are an important and mandatory hazard control in many industries in which wheeled vehicles are present. They are deployed in any situation where a vehicle is subjected to a large enough degree of force to cause the vehicle to shift.

Stoppers are used to provide a “backup” in case a vehicle’s braking system fails or is insufficient to overcome the forces exerted upon it. This is a particularly significant concern when dealing with extremely large vehicles such as airplanes or mega-trucks that would bear a massive amount of weight if subjected to sufficient force to cause movement.

Wontide Wheel Stoppers / Wheel Chocks including many kinds of materials:

  • Rubber Wheel Chocks – Rugged. Safe, secure grip.
  • Urethane Wheel Chocks – High visibility. Resists oils and chemicals.
  • Aluminum Wheel Chocks – Lightweight, durable. Cleats anchor to surfaces. Recommended for ice and cold weather.
  • Metal Wheel Chocks – Heavyweight.Will not move easily.
  • Laminated Rubber Wheel Chocks – The "ultimate." Will not slip or creep. Heavier, thicker, solid.

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ModelDescriptionDimensions(In.)Weight (lbs.)
WTD-WHC007Rubber Wheel Chock9″Wx4-1/4″Hx4″D5
WTD-WHC008Rubber Wheel Chock12″Wx6-1/2″Hx6″D13
WTD-WHC009Rubber Wheel Chock30″Wx6-1/2″Hx6″D16.5