Steel Dock Plate with Chains

Wontide Steel Dock Plate are constructed of high strength steel for long life. Beveled edges on both ends permit smooth entry and exit. Dock board is diamond plated for safe, efficient use. Locking legs minimize ramp movement and are uneven to allow the dockboard to sit canted for easier floor pickup by fork trucks when not in use. Lifting chains included for ease of use.

Wontide Steel Dock Plates are the perfect piece of warehouse equipment for spanning the gap between a shipping dock and truck. Connected a trailer deck to the dock surface for fast and efficient forklift or hand-truck loading and unloading of pallets and cargo. 

All of our steel dock plates include a tapered foot for smooth transitions from dock to truck, a heavy duty chain that attaches both on the sides and nose of the board for easy and safe lifting by a forklift, and underside stabilizer braces that line up with an existing loading dock to provide extra stability and keep the dock board in place. The high visibility, bright yellow welded steel curbs on each side help to line up forklifts during docking. 

  • Dockboard for bridging the gap between a truck and loading dock
  • Manufactured from heavy duty, reinforced steel diamond plate
  • Non-skid treadplate for safety
  • Steel legs for preventing movement during use
  • Lifting chains included and handles can be available
  • Multiple widths and capacities available

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Steel Dock Plate with Chains
Model NumberMax Cutting Width(mm)Max Shearing Thickness(mm)Packing Size(cm)N.W./G.W.(kgs)