Shop Crane Engine Hoists

Shop Crane Engine Hoists are great for hundreds of lifting applications. Telescopic boom for multiple lifting heights and capacities. Boom is raised and lowered with a manual hydraulic hand pump. The high-capacity hydraulic cylinder provides for faster lifting action and features a large diameter ram to withstand angled loads when lifting. Includes two rigid and two swivel casters for portability. Heavy-duty steel construction and painted finish.


When you're working with heavy loads, it will always come with some risk to your business and your team or operators using the equipment. There will always be precautions you will have to take to make sure you and your employees are safe, and at LES we always want to make you and your team aware of as many risks as possible and how to lower the possibility of these problems happening.

They are a popular choice amongst factories and production plants that work with heavy duty material and awkward sized objects and has been designed in a way to make it easy to use as a result.

It has two sets of pulleys that allow movement of the load it's carrying. These two sets of pulleys allow you to use it for lifting, moving, holding, lowering, and stabilising heavy duty and awkward sized items.

You can use them indoors and/or outdoors, you just need to make sure it has its wheels on lock and is on a flat service. We don't recommend using one on a slanted surface as it can potentially cause damage if the weight makes it move and pick up speed.

There are serval types of hoists; electric hoists, manual or hoists that activate their use by the use of a lever. Therefore, chose which one bests suits you and your industry.

 ItemOverall SizeRangeCapacity
WTD-EHN-20-C41 1/4″×48 1/2″2000-1500-1000-5002000
WTD-EHN-40-C42 5/8″×72″4000-3000-2000-10004000
WTD-EHN-60-T31 3/4″×54 1/2″6000-4000-3000-20006000