Rack Post Protectors

Rack Post Protectors provides individual, high visibility post protection and are available in 3 different standard sizes. Easy to install, they protect the most susceptible part of your rack upright from fork truck damage.

Rack Post Protectors are used to help prevent pallet rack damage. Your pallet rack posts are susceptible to forklift damage, especially when they are used daily. A damaged post is extremely dangerous. If a post is not secure, the whole rack system could collapse. It’s extremely important to prevent this by using a post protector to reinforce the system before damage even happens.

Our standard rack post protectors and column guards protect the front columns of your pallet rack from forklift damage, which can significantly increase the chance of rack failure. Our rack reinforcement and column guards will significantly reduce the chance of forklift damage to your pallet rack system.

Rack Post protectors are typically used on columns at end of rows. These columns are most susceptible to damage from forklifts. Rack post protectors have enlarged foot plates at the bottom with (4) pre-drilled holes for concrete anchor bolts.

Rack post protectors are a much more affordable option than replacing the whole rack system once it’s damaged. They are a time and money saver in the long run. Experienced warehouse managers have learned that the initial investment in pallet rack protection will pay off many times over in the reduction of rack damage. The cost of replacing a damaged upright can exceed $1000. when you figure in the overtime pay to have the racks unloaded, disassembled, replaced and reloaded.

Rack post protectors also show your personnel your commitment to safety. When you take the extra step to keep everyone safe, your employees are able to focus more clearly on their responsibilities. You can also assure vendors that you take extra safety measures to protect inventory, which protects everyone’s interests.

We highly recommend the use of post protectors to protect your personnel and your products. Extend the life of your pallet rack and keep your operation moving safely and efficiently. Do yourself a favor and get post protectors

Post Protector
Model NumberDescriptionDimension L*W*H(in)Steel Thickness(in)Weight(lbs)
WTD-PP001APost Protector,
Leg Guards
8″ * 6″ * 12″1/4″12.3
WTD-PP001B8″ * 6″ * 18″17
WTD-PP001C8″ * 6″ * 24″21.4
WTD-PP002A8″ * 6″ * 12″3/8″20.5
WTD-PP002B8″ * 6″ * 18″28.2
WTD-PP002C8″ * 6″ * 24″35.2
WTD-PP003A8″ * 6″ * 12″1/2″24.6
WTD-PP003B8″ * 6″ * 18″33.9
WTD-PP003C8″ * 6″ * 24″42.7