Manual Pallet Carousel

The Manual Carousels rotate materials with the assistance of an operator. Now loading and unloading operations can be done more efficiently; minimizing fatigue and risk of back injury. The carousel may be added to an existing work bench, scissor table, or simply placed on the floor. Constructed of two pieces of rolled structural angle. A series of sealed ball bearings transfer the load smoothly and evenly to the supporting surface. Four guide rollers keep the rings aligned.

Manual Pallet Carousels Features:

  • Rotate material 360° to make your job easier
  • Durable powder-coat finish and rugged all-steel construction
  • Can be added to work bench, scissor table, or placed on the floor
  • Roller bearings transfer loads smoothly and evenly
  • Guide rollers keep rings aligned
Manual Pallet Carousel
Model NumberLoading Capacity(lbs)Top Inside Dia. (in)Top Outside Dia. (in)Height(in)Weight(lbs)
WTD-PC001200036 1/2″40239
WTD-PC002400036 1/2″40242
WTD-PC003600036 1/2″40244
WTD-PC004200032 1/2″36236
WTD-PC005200026 1/2″30232
WTD-PC006400044 1/2″48249