Big Base Truck Stabilizing Jacks

Wontide Big Base Truck Stabilizing Jacks are used to prevent up-ending of semi-trailers when they are not connected to a tractor during loading and unloading operations. Also used to level trailers parked on sloped ground and to prevent landing gear from sinking into a soft surface. High strength steel construction. Flush-type zerk fitting for lubricating ACME screw. Yellow powder coat finish for added toughness. Includes reflective collar for visibility at night.

Truck Stabilizing Jacks Help Improve Dock Area Safety

A common concern of any architectural specifier or building owner is loading dock safety. Loading docks which receive large amounts of traffic are especially prone to accidents and injuries. By supplying your loading dock with the correct safety equipment, you can greatly reduce the risk for accidents at the loading dock, as well as improving overall efficiency. One type of equipment is the Trailer Stabilizing Jack-Truck Stabilizing Jacks, which, when paired with other safety equipment, increases dock safety significantly.

Choosing the Correct Trailer Stabilizing Jack for Specific Applications

Several aspects must be considered when choosing a truck jack for your loading dock. Firstly, what kind of portability is required? Jacks with wheels reduce worker strain by eliminating the need to manually carry them. An extremely important consideration is the static and lifting capacity—how heavy is the trailer with the fork truck, payload, and dock workers inside?

Another considerable factor is what type of operating mechanism each trailer jack stand has. Wontide common options include Ratchet Beam Truck Stabilizing Jacks , Hydraulic Beam Truck Stabilizing Jacks, Hand Crank Truck Stabilizing Jacks, Spin Top Truck Stabilizing Jacks, Ratchet Truck Stabilizing Jacks, and Eeconomy Truck Stabilizing Jacks. Finally, many different models with varying service ranges are available. How many inches must the trailer be raised in order to be level with the loading dock?

In conclusion, by combining various types of equipment, such as truck restraints, trailer jacks, wheel chocks, traffic signal dock lights, loading dock spotlights, and dock barricades, you can help reduce the risk of workplace accidents. Many different types of dock safety equipment is available in order to help you run the most safe and efficient loading dock possible.

Big Base Truck Stabilizing Jacks
Model NumberCapacity(lbs)Color FinishAssemblyLifting Capacity(lbs)Service Range(in)