Vertical Dock Bumpers

Laminated dock bumpers provide durable, economical protection for your loading dock and trailers. Units are constructed of fabric reinforced rubber from recycled truck tires. Pads are laminated between painted structural angles and held together with 3/4″ steel tie rods. A 12″ long center support bracket is included with the 96″ wide bumpers. Installation is quick and easy by bolting or welding units to the dock.Vertical Dock Bumper is one kind of laminated rubber dock bumper.

Laminated Dock Bumpers Specifications:


  • Tough plies of truck tire material virtually eliminates chipping or abrasion, unlike molded rubber, extruded rubber, conveyor belting or wood plank bumpers.
  • Attractive deep black color enhances a neat, professional architectural look.
  • Manufactured under pressure exceeding 1,500 lbs. to absorb over 80% of impact force.
  • Anchor bolts are protected by at least 3" of rubber to prevent damage.

Uses and Applications for Laminated Dock Bumpers

  • Available in two models: bumpers with angles for most applications -- equipped with 1/4" steel angles on both ends; and bumpers with flat plate for use with dock levelers -- optional 1/4" flat steel plate for one or both ends.
  • Have unlimited applications in factories, warehouses and docks.
  • Vehicle impact protection for loading docks.
  • Projecting above low docks.
  • Rub rails at the sides of truck wells.
  • Wall bumpers to protect against fork lift trucks.
  • Special construction features to accommodate unusual anchoring conditions.

Material / Thickness

  • Fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from selected recycled truck tires.
  • Rubber pads laminated between structural steel angles and secured with 3/4" steel tie rods.
  • Rubber pads 4 1/2" or 6" thick


  • Structural mounting angles permit welded installations or provide bolting through steel.

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V-1120-4.5F20″H x 11″W x 4.5″ Projection-Verticle Style61
V-1124-4.5F24″H x 11″W x 4.5″ Projection-Verticle Style76
V-1130-4.5F30″H x 11″W x 4.5″ Projection-Verticle Style92
V-1136-4.5F36″H x 11″W x 4.5″ Projection-Verticle Style114
V-1120-620″H x 11″W x 6″ Projection-Vertical Style78
V-1124-624″H x 11″W x 6″ Projection-Vertical Style96
V-1130-630″H x 11″W x 6″ Projection-Vertical Style118
V-1136-636″H x 11″W x 6″ Projection-Vertical Style145