Two Drums Storage Rack,Steel Drum Storage Rack

Steel Drum Storage Rack can safely store and organize all of your facilities of 30 & 55 gallon drums. Our Steel Drum Storage Rack can be capable of storing 2 or 3 drums per rack and can be stacked 4 high, the modular drum rack which is broken down into components to create your own drum storage system.

The Steel Drum Storage Rack provides orderly storage for 30 & 55 gallon drums.

Constructed of heavy duty steel angle and cross bracing is provided for extra strength.

The uprights keep drums from accidental roll off and allows forklift entry from the front or rear.

Four (4) anchor pads help to prevent tipping.

Shipped knock-down, assembly required.

Two Drums Storage Rack
Model NumberDrum CapacityDrum Dia. (cm)For Use With (gal)Load Capacity(kg)Assembled Size(cm)Disassembled Size(cm)Material
WTD-DC00350.2109.245463.54 wheels, 10.2 cm dia steel casters, Retractable hardwood handle15, 30, 55