Storage Cabinet,Rolling Tool Cabinet, Roller Cabinet

Improve your efficiency with all-metal, heavy-duty, tool storage with layouts and sizes to fit every need. Wontide Storage Cabinet,Rolling Tool Cabinet, Roller Cabinet, metal tool chests, mobile workbenches, combo cabinets, and tool chests are available according to your size and made to fit everything you need from bulky power tools to hand tools, accessories and small parts.

Storage Cabinet,Rolling Tool Cabinet, Roller Cabinet are used individually for a simple storage solution or together for a more spacious, customized solution. Rolling tool cabinets have casters to move along flat surfaces and transport tools within a facility. Side cabinets and lockers pair with rolling tool cabinets to add storage space. Tool cabinet and chest combinations include a rolling cabinet and a chest that stacks onto the cabinet. Top chests, intermediate chests, and hutches sit on top of a rolling tool cabinet, workbench, or other flat surface to provide tool storage space.

ModelCapacity per bay (lbs)Bay Nos.Size (WxDxH)Net weight (lbs)
WTD-KDSH-011500448 x 36 x 42150
WTD-KDSH-021500448 x 36 x 42200
WTD-KDSH-031500496 x 36 x 60380
WTD-KDSH-041500449 x 38 x 40121