Square Tube Handrail

Square Tube Handrail was designed specifically to equip architects, engineers, specifiers, builders, and contractors with the components necessary to easily construct and retrofit commercial and public structures to satisfy the requirements as well as state and local building codes.

Square Tube Handrail Specification:
  • Made from galvanized steel pipe
  • Corrosion resistant - low long-term maintenance
  • Optional powder coated to your choice of RAL Colors
  • Easily installed with a hex tool and pipe cutters
  • Specialized workers, permits or equipment
  • Saves you time and money with minimal site disruption
  • Ideal for creating new barriers or as a retrofit solution to existing railing systems
Square Tube Handrail
Model NumberSquare Tube(O.D)Overall Height(in)Mid Rail Height(in)Length(in)Notes
WTD-SSH0011 5/8″42″21″1′Options:
1. Connection tubing length from 1″ to 10″ and square tube (O.D) is 1 3/4″
2. C-CON
3. Anchor Bolts
WTD-SSH0021 5/8″42″21″2′
WTD-SSH0031 5/8″42″21″3′
WTD-SSH0041 5/8″42″21″4′
WTD-SSH0051 5/8″42″21″5′
WTD-SSH0061 5/8″42″21″6′
WTD-SSH0071 5/8″42″21″7′
WTD-SSH0081 5/8″42″21″8′
WTD-SSH0091 5/8″42″21″9′
WTD-SSH0101 5/8″42″21″10′