Pallet Buster

Pallet Buster is used to refurbish or remove broken and unsightly pallets quickly and safely. Lightweight and easy to use. Can be utilized to raise a dockboard for fork truck removal.

Deluxe pallet buster is designed for disassembling pallets easily

Articulating head won’t break or split the wood

Features durable construction for added strength and long life

Can also be used for dock board removal

  • Stop wasting your time tearing down pallets by hand with a hammer and crowbar - Let the pallet breaker do the hard work.
  • Pallet Buster also works great as a deck board removal tool. The ultimate wood board demolition tool!
  • Exactly what you need for DIY pallet board projects like building furniture, wall art, and crafts. Please keep in mind that some boards will split and break when being removed.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Some pallets are reinforced with extra nails or harder wood, making them very difficult to disassemble.


ModelDescriptionBar LengthWeight(lbs)
WTD-SKB-DLXDeluxe Pallet Buster42-3/16″16
WTD-SKB-DLX3PDeluxe Pallet Buster41-1/2″11.7
WTD-SKB-7Pallet Buster42-3/16″7.3