Galvanized Bicycle Parking Bike Stand BRT13

The Commercial Contemporary 4 Loop Galvanized Bicycle Parking Bike Stand is all one-piece with no assembly required. This newly engineered bike rack meets the recommendations of ISO. It is manufactured to require minimal space and allow for bikes to be supported at two points which helps prevent damage and theft to patrons’s bicycles.

Galvanized Bicycle Parking Bike Stand Specification

  • It is available in hot-dipped galvanized or optional powder coat finish
  • The rack is made of steel tubing
  • The surface mount installation is included to secure the bike on solid surfaces
  • Surface mount installation included
  • Inground mount sold separately
Bike Rack BRT13
Model NumberDescriptionSize L * W * H(in)SurfaceWeight(lbs)
WTD-BRT134 Bike, Sliver49 5/8″ * 32″ * 30″Galvanized31