Forklift Mounted Hoisting Hook

A Forklift Mounted Hoisting Hook is the perfect asset for maneuvering and transferring heavy objects. The centrally located hook between two fork pockets allow the user to safely attach to the unit and transport to the desired location.Hooks are also attached to the outside of the unit for a more secure lifting experience. The strong steel construction with a bright finish enables high visibility from both near and far. Secure to the fork truck by means of a long safety restraint and screw clamps.

Wontide Adjustable Forklift Mounted Hoisting Hook from  provides a quick and cost effective method for lifting and positioning of unpalletized loads. You are able to use the hooks in multiple lifting positions by the correct positioning of the attachments along the fork blades. The Fork Mounted hooks are completely adjustable along the fork blade (except for the taper). All of the hooks come supplied with a single swivel hook and a bow shackle to suit the desired WLL.


Item No.Load Capacity (Lbs.)Load CenterMax Fork SizeMax Fork SpreadReach Length