Fork Lift Truck Mounted Cross Beam Jib Lifting Attachment

The Cross Beam jib offers dual flexibility of supporting a load along the forklift length of lifting a load at right angles to the forklift truck – like a spreader beam. Long or wide loads can be handled all off the one attachment. A safety chain secures the jib to the lift truck forks. The jib will come fully tested and certified to comply with the latest Health & Safety regulations. Supplied with two hooks and shackles.

When in the cross beam position it spans 2000mm. The minimum load centre will be 250mm. Capacity in this position is 2000lbs. When in the jib position it reaches 2000mm. The Capacity in this position is 1000lbs.Subject to forklift capacity

Item No.Load Capacity (Lbs.)Load CenterMax Fork SizeMax Fork SpreadReach Length