Aluminum Dock Board

Wontide aluminium dock board / aluminium dockboard is designed for portability and safety. Deck is made of tough high strength aluminum treadplate. Safety curbs are painted yellow and are constructed of structural steel with cast tapered ends. Steel legs are bolted for increased durability. Canted locking legs for easier fork truck portability.

Wontide Aluminium Dock Board / Aluminium Dock Boards successfully bridges the gap between a truck and dock level floor. Similar to our Aluminium Dock Plate, these boards act as a ramp and improve unloading/loading activities. The Aluminium Dock Board features a heavy-duty design however, and can easily support robust machinery like a forklift. The Aluminium Dock Board is a heavy-duty pallet ramp perfect for industrial applications.

  • Dockboard for bridging the gap between a truck and loading dock
  • Aluminum for light weight and resistance to corrosion
  • Non-skid treadplate for safety and beveled edges for smooth operation
  • Steel legs for preventing movement during use
  • Safety bolt-on curbs for preventing accidental runoffs and providing visible driving lane
  • Chains can be availble for you
  • Can be customized for different sizes

Aluminium Dock Board or Aluminium Dock Plates?

Our Aluminium Dock Board is a heavier duty model than a standard Aluminium Dock Plates. This is to ensure that the board can support larger machinery items like forklifts. Manufactured from robust aluminium, the Dock Board is transported around a workplace via a forklift, due to the unit’s weight. Alternatively, Dock Plates are generally used for lighter equipment items (like pallet jacks and trolleys) and can be handled manually.

Need a lighter model?

Try our Aluminium Dock Plate that can easily be transported around site manually. It is a smaller version of the Dock Board.

Aluminum Dock Board
10,000 lbs. Capacity
Model No.Thickness(in)Width(in)Length(in)Height Difference(in)
15,000 lbs. Capacity
Model No.Thickness(in)Width(in)Length(in)Height Difference(in)