Adjustable Spreader Beams

Like a fixed spreader beam, adjustable spreader beams are excellent for supporting long loads during lifts. An adjustable spread model offers additional versatility due to its telescoping design that lengths the device in 1″ increments.


Adjustable spreader beams are a versatile lifting solution for several different lifting needs with several sizes in stock. They are an excellent lifting solution for heavier and longer loads, adding stability to complex jobs with multiple lifting points. Adjustable spreader beams can utilize multiple beam construction and be made to fit up to a four-point construction option. Engineered Lifting Technologies offers load testing for all products.

 ItemOverall LengthOverall HeightOverall WidthCapacity
WTD-ASB-2578″16 1/2″5″2500
WTD-ESB-4078″17 1/4″5″4000
WTD-ESB-80104 1/2″24 1/2″6″8000
WTD-ESB-100-6128 1/2″25 1/2″6 1/2″10000
WTD-ESB-100-10120″16 1/4″3 15/16″10000