2 Rib Guard Rail Bolt-On Style

Guard railguardrails, or protective guarding are a boundary feature and may be a means to prevent or deter access to dangerous or off-limits areas while allowing light and visibility in a greater way than a fence Common shapes are flat, rounded edge, and tubular in horizontal railings, whereas tetraform spear-headed or ball-finialled are most common in vertical railings around homes. Park and garden railings commonly in metalworking feature swirls, leaves, plate metal areas and/or motifs particularly on and beside gates.

Provide additional safety in warehouses and other industrial areas with pedestrian walkways by using Wontide Modular Guard Rail System. Designed to absorb the impact of a forklift, sweeper and similar vehicular equipment, these guard rails are manufactured from durable steel and come in high-visibility yellow so that they are impossible to miss.

  • Modular 11-gauge steel guard rail system
  • Designed to absorb impact in industrial settings
  • Works with 18"H single rail or 42"H double rail systems
  • Available in multiple rail lengths
  • High visibility safety yellow

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2 Rib Guard Rail Bolt-On Style
Model NumberHeight(in)Thickness(ga)Length(Feet)
The Post of 2 Rib Guard Rail
WTD-2-CGP-4184″ * 4″ * 1/4″18″10″ * 10″ * 5/8″
WTD-2-CGP-4184″ * 4″ * 1/4″42″10″ * 10″ * 5/8″